How do I become a Member of Summus?
It's simple. For individuals and families, you choose a membership level that suits your needs. For enterprises, Summus is a unique benefit for teams — domestic or international. Higher levels of membership include add-on health services and greater flexibility to use Summus for extended family and friends.

After a simple onboarding process to gather your medical history, your designated Summus Partner will schedule a health assessment to help us understand areas of concern within a family or potential areas requiring focus. Upon completion, members can call their Summus Partner any time to quickly access exceptional expertise across all categories of specialty medicine.
What types of physicians can I speak with through Summus?
Summus has built a platform for expertise where our members can quickly connect with the best physicians in the US across all areas of specialty medicine. Summus-affiliated physicians are leaders in their respective fields, have thousands of hours of practical experience, are on the cutting edge of research and innovation, and are associated with the best medical institutions and practices.
Does speaking to a physician through Summus establish a patient-doctor relationship?
It does not. Our promise to members is to support timely access to world-class specialists who can provide information and insights on issues related to preventive care, recent diagnoses, ongoing health management, surgery considerations and identifying the best courses of treatment. Summus-affiliated physicians will not recommend any specific course of treatment or otherwise diagnose, treat, or prescribe drugs based on a telephonic or video consultation. No doctor-patient relationship is established through a telephonic or video consultation with a Summus-affiliated physician.
When should I contact Summus?
You should contact Summus if you have questions related to health issues where expertise from a specialist physician is needed. Whether you're facing a recent diagnosis, seeking to learn about managing an ongoing health issue, have questions about surgery, or are trying to understand different treatment options, Summus will help you understand your choices. Your Summus MD can quickly clarify and understand a health issue and will take you through a curated match process to assist you in finding exceptional expertise.

Please note, Summus is not an emergency medicine hotline. If you are facing an emergency health issue, please visit the nearest emergency room.
What is specialty medicine?
Specialist physicians are medical providers who devote attention to a particular branch of medicine, such as cardiologists, urologists, neurologists, oncologists, rheumatologists, immunologists, or orthopedists. Summus also supports consultations with leading pediatric physicians for more complex issues in children.
How does Summus work with my treating or primary care physician?
Summus does not replace the relationship you have with your primary care doctor or treating physician. We provide the ability to quickly reach across the US healthcare system to access information and insight from leading experts. Generally, treating doctors are very open to receiving expertise from leading physicians in their field.
What is the Summus secure video platform?
We also believe that accessing expertise happens best face-to-face, and with a trusted source. The Summus platform is a secure video interface where our member families and consulting physicians can discuss a health issue confidentially.
How do I start a case?
To start a case, please log in to your Member Dashboard online, or email or call your Summus Partner.
I am located outside the United States, how can Summus help me?
Summus is a global membership model that provides access to the best expertise in medicine. Our service model and technology allow us to facilitate consultations with members and their families around the world.
How are rates for physicians set?
Summus-affiliated physicians set their rate based on guidance tied to their peer group, specialty, and level of experience. Our physicians are leaders within their fields, and we strive to create a strong value proposition to support their consulting work through the Summus platform.
How is Summus different from concierge medicine?
We are driven by the desire to help families in need of access to the best medical expertise, quickly. Summus allows members to reach across the US healthcare system within hours and choose from leading physicians curated for their specific need. We handpick our network and are committed to providing an impeccable service experience for our members and physicians. Concierge doctors are typically primary care physicians who have chosen to practice medicine with a certain number of patients. While they can refer specialists, their network is limited to their locus of contacts and their own judgment on quality of expertise.
What does it cost?
Please inquire about our membership options. Access to Summus can also be provided as a benefit by an employer.
How does Summus work with insurance?
Insurance will not cover Summus membership or consultations with our expert physicians. However, if a member goes under the care of a consulting physician within the member's network, the normal process of coming under a physician's care is employed.
Are Summus consultations eligible for reimbursement under HSA or FSA spending accounts?
Fees for consultations may be eligible for reimbursement under health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts. Consult with your plan administrator and/or tax advisor to determine whether consultation fees may be eligible for reimbursement under your plan.
Can Summus be extended to family members?
Summus membership includes family members above the baseline Basic membership level. At the highest level of membership, the Summus service can be offered to those in your personal network, outside your family circle.