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Pediatric Asthma
Sophie, 8
San Francisco, California
Emma's 8-year-old daughter, Sophie, had suffered from asthma since she was a toddler. Sophie had visited the local ER twice in the last month, one time ending up on a BiPAP machine in the Pediatric ICU. Although Sophie had a cabinet full of medication, her condition appeared to be worsening. Because Emma traveled frequently for work, she felt her visits with Sophie's primary care doctor and pulmonologists were sporadic. As a result, she often questioned her knowledge of Sophie's condition and wondered whether she was doing all that she could to help her daughter.
Summus provided Emma access to a leading authority on pediatric respiratory disorders in under 36 hours.
Day 1
1:00pm ET /
10:00am PT
Two hours after contacting Summus, Emma's dedicated Summus MD led an efficient and comprehensive intake call to gain a deep understanding of her daughter's condition. Later that day, her Summus MD helped collect Sophie's pertinent medical records.
5:30pm ET /
2:30pm PT
After synthesizing her daughter's medical history, Emma's Summus MD distilled Sophie's medical history into a concise narrative. Based on her findings and Emma's preferences, her Summus MD thoughtfully curated a list of pediatric pulmonologists known for their calm approach and expertise in pediatric respiratory disorders.
8:00pm ET /
5:00pm PT
Given a last minute business trip, Emma requested to schedule her physician match call for as soon as possible. One hour later, Emma was on the phone with her Summus MD for insight into each of the physicians on her list. She selected a leading authority on pediatric respiratory disorders at a premier medical institution in the Mid-Atlantic. The Chairman of Pediatrics, he built one of the nation's top programs for respiratory diseases and has treated thousands of children suffering from respiratory conditions.
Summus coordinated the scheduling and arranged a consultation for the next day.
Day 2
8:00pm ET /
7:00pm CT
After a long day of meetings in Houston, Emma engaged in a comprehensive, 45-minute videoconference from her hotel room.
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